If you would like to attend INsecurity 2018 and need help convincing your boss, our Justification Letter is here to help! Simply copy and paste the verbiage you would like to use and send it to your manager. The letter outlines the value that attending INsecurity provides not just to you as an enterprise security professional, but your entire organization.

Need more? Attach an INsecurity brochure to your email to your boss. Download or link to it here.

Subject: Request to Attend INsecurity 2018 - The Cybersecurity for IT Pros Defending Enterprise Data

Dear [Fill In Name],

I'm writing to request your approval for me to attend the INsecurity Conference, which takes place October 23-25 at the Sheraton Grand Chicago. The event offers two full days of learning and sharing for IT and security professionals tasked with protecting enterprise data.

Attending INsecurity will help me further develop my knowledge base around today's best defense strategies against cyber threats. At the event, I will hear from security practitioners who will share their real-world experiences with cyber attacks and threats, and how their IT teams dealt with the incidents.

Here are just some of the sessions, discussions, and activities I can explore at INsecurity.

  • Tracks: Two tracks allow you to focus on both the big picture and the everyday challenges in cybersecurity
  • Peer-based Sharing: Top enterprise security professionals will provide in-depth presentations on their own security practices, and how you can employ those practices in your own environment
  • Hot Topics: Security expert-led Hot Topics discussion groups allow you to talk with other security pros in a safe, closed-room setting
  • Live Incident Simulation: Live demonstrations enable you to see how other enterprises handle security incidents
  • Business Hall: A Business Hall offers a look at some of the emerging technologies available to mitigate cyber threats, as well as providing information on new technology trends
  • Dedicated networking events allows me to make new contacts and build relationships with key security contacts

What makes INsecurity particularly appealling to me as an IT security pro is this: while the broader-learning sessions will be open to all attendees, many of the smaller discussions will be held under the Chatham House Rule, enabling attendees to safely discuss key security issues anonymously in a closed-door setting. The goal of the event is to not only educate attendees, but to provide the right environment to meet colleagues and discuss IT security issues in depth.


The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows (complete the information):

  • Travel (Flight or Car):
  • Accommodations:
  • Conference Pass:
  • Total Cost to Attend:


I believe the learnings I bring back from INsecurity can help avert costly cyber security threats and breaches. I believe that the cost of a pass is a small price to pay in our mission to not only protect our assets, but our reputation.

To benefit from the current discount I need to register before August 31, so I appreciate a quick response. Thank you for your consideration.

[Your Name]