Be on the offensive—hear and learn from real-world, like-minded security practitioners and get the latest insights on cybersecurity strategies, practices and solutions to combat today’s current and emerging trends. INsecurity will feature two conference tracks: Strategy and Operations & Practices. 

Operations and Practices

  • An in-depth look at best practices, tools, and techniques for maximizing your enterprise’s cybersecurity efforts.
  • Provides practical, peer-level instruction and discussion on core practices such as security administration, managing service providers, encryption, authentication, and data leak protection.
  • Recommendations on how to improve security operations and the day-to-day practices and technologies that make data defense work, including: incident response, user provisioning, cloud security, patch management, mobile security, identity and access management, threat intelligence analysis, security operations, and secure software development.

See the lineup for Operations and Practices here. 


  • Covers the “big picture” of running the security effort, including architecture, risk measurement/management, orchestration, staffing/budgeting, security awareness, legal and insurance issues, and other overarching issues.
  • Advice and recommendations on how to build a holistic defense and a comprehensive strategy for defending enterprise data from experts.
  • Provides insight on the latest industry and regulatory trends affecting cybersecurity, such as GDPR compliance, cyber insurance, and legal liability. 

See the lineup for Strategy here.